How to update the DSL password for your router

It highly recommended that users of a DSL network update the password for their network as soon as they router is set up. Default passwords are very well known and will provide little to no security to your network. As you setup and maintain your DSL network, security should be a primary concern. In order to update the DSL network password for your router, follow the following steps:

1. Reset your router by pressing and holding the router’s reset button, usually on the back.

2. Connect a computer to your router via one of the ethernet ports located on the router.

3. Enter the following IP address in your web browser: 192.168.l.l

4. Once the page at 192.168.l.l, type the default administrator login information. This information can be found on the manufacturer’s website or in the information that came with the router.

5. Once logged in as an administrator, select the “security” or “admin” menu and set your password to a strong, hard to guess password.

6. It is highly recommended that you periodically update your router’s password by returning to the IP address 192.168.l.l in order to maintain a high level of network security. Again, be sure to select a strong, hard to guess password.